03 octobre 2010

Playmat for Timour

I've been thinking of restoring all the data from the previous blog that had been lost but ended up with the conclusion that some best-of would be OK to link to the past before starting from zero.

One of those that I really enjoyed working on was a playmat for my friend's son called Timour. I thought it'd be fun for him to have something with bright and colorful colours to create incentives for the little one's curious eyes.. His parents are russian living in Paris, that's why I thought of a road with two directions that always comes back to the starting point. 


(click to enlarge)

Funny thing is that the day I offered it to Timour he was too small to play with the mat so his mom has turned it to a pillow case. I'm glad anyway it stays in his bed. :)



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    What a lucky boy to have this! It is cute! I love the fancy car and the bird!

    Posté par ayumills, 15 octobre 2010 à 22:02
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